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Customer Testimonials - Our customers say it best!

Excerpts from some of the many e-mails sent by Made in California shoppers:

I sincerely thank both you and the owner of the company for your prompt and thoughtful service. Since the majority of our loved ones live out of state or in Europe, my husband and I make many online gift purchases. I can honestly state that this has been one of my best e-shopping experiences thus far and as a result, I know I shall visit your site frequently! - K.N. from West Point, California

That was the fastest delivery ever!! And my dogs thank you too. Here's to delicious food and no more fleas!! Thank you so much. - M.R. from San Rafael, California

Very pleased with the quality of your products and very fast shipping. Thank You! - R.C. from Idaho

I want to thank you for the lovely spouses gifts that you supplied for our annual meeting. Your packaging was truly beautiful. You definitely exceeded my expectations (and I'm fairly picky). Many of the women who received the "spouse gifts" made a point to seek me out to compliment me on my choice for them. We will keep your company at the top of our list for future meeting gifts. -N.P. from (WEDA)

Thank you so much for the wonderful service, especially the beautiful and free gift packaging! Receiving this made me really really HAPPY !!! -O.M. from NJ

My name is Caleb. I love your products so much. I have them all the time. My family and I think your doing a super good job and your products are so good! My family and I think its so good and we are your #1 fans. Thanks so much for everything you have done. Keep up the good work! Have a good day! When I'm older I really hope to work for your great company!!! - Caleb

Wow - great customer service! Thank you. -M.G. from DC

I appreciate the ease of ordering from you and the process in which everything is done. Keep up the great work. -C.T.

Thank you very much, I really do appreciate the excellent service and you have earned a loyal customer!. -R.F. from WI

I do want to thank you both for your prompt attention to this matter, both via phone and email. I sincerely appreciated the lengthy explanation from Mr. Bariani and am gratified to find that there are still businessmen out there who strive to create superior products and to maintain excellent customer relations. -C.M. from NJ

I ordered your Garlic Stuffed Olives .....The olives are the best of all I have tasted -E.C.

A friend from California sent me a bottle of your olive oil!! I swear it the best I have ever had and I am italian!! -L.D

Today I tasted your Strawberry Gem for the first time and ate the whole jar in one sitting. It was incredible. I have never tasted Jam that was as delicious. -L.B. from CA

This is THE BEST sun-dried tomato pesto sauce I have ever found, which is why I ordered it through the mail - I can't find it here in Norfolk! And when we run out, I will most certainly order more from you. -K.R. from VA

Love your jams because they are lower in sugar than anything I can find. I do not like artificial sweeteners because my body system doesn't get along with them. Therefore, low sugar is great. -M.L. from MI

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