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    Trout Fishing in California

    $8.85 $4.95
    Trout Fishing in California By RON KOVACH A perfect addition to any angler's library. This guide to trout fishing locations in California's rivers and lakes has maps, regulations, a discussion...

    Ansel Adam Wilderness

    $10.65 $5.95
    Ansel Adam Wilderness By GINNY CLARK This is a complete guide to the most beautiful areas in the Sierra for camping, fishing and hiking, colorful maps and trail descriptions. Some...

    Adopted by Indians - A True Story

    $6.46 $4.95
    ADOPTED BY INDIANS By THOMAS MAYFIELD - The children's version of the best-selling title Indian Summer, this book gives younger readers a close-up view of traditional California Indian life and...

    Redwood Region Flower Finder, A Guide to Identifying Wildflowers

    Redwood Region Flower Finder - A Guide to Identifying Wildflowers of the Coastal Fog Belt of California by Phoebe Watts - illustrated by Sarah Watts. Second edition. Dichotomous key identifies...

    Pacific Coast Mammals: A Guide to Mammals of the Pacific Coast States

    Pacific Coast Mammals: A Guide to Mammals of the Pacific Coast States, Their Tracks, Skulls, and Other Signs by Ron Russo, illustrated by Pam Olhausen. Guide to identifying mammals of...

    Pacific Intertidal Life

    PACIFIC INTERTIDAL LIFE By RON RUSSO - Illustrated with drawings, this guide helps naturalists identify various life forms of the intertidal zone along the Pacific coastline. Preceded by a discussion...

    Sierra Flower Finder

    SIERRA FLOWER FINDER By GLENN KEATOR - A handy pocket guide for quick field identification of Sierra Nevada flowers. Uses capsule descriptions of easily recognized characteristics and line drawings.

    Pacific Coast Bird Finder: A Pocket Guide

    Pacific Coast Bird Finder: A Pocket Guide to some frequently seen birds by Roger J. Lederer, Ph.D, illustrated by Jacquelyn S. Giuffre. An introduction to common species of California, Oregon,...

    Pacific Coast Berry Finder

    PACIFIC COAST BERRY FINDER By GLENN KEATOR - Handy identification guide to berries found growing along the Pacific Coast. Drawings and diagrams make for quick and easy use in the...

    California State Parks

    $10.65 $5.95
    California State Parks By RHONDA OSTERTAG The impossibly huge redwoods of Humboldt State Park, the breezy Pacific shores of Point Lobos State Reserve, and the starkly beautiful mountains of Plumas-Eureka...

    75 Hikes CA's Lassen & Mt. Shasta region

    75 HIKES CA'S LASSEN & MT. SHASTA REGION By JOHN SOARES This guide offers both day hikes and extended backpacks in popular hiking destinations in the Northern California Cascades.

    Finding Fault in California

    $12.00 $5.00
    Finding Fault in California by Susan Elizabeth Hough California has plenty of faults--seismic faults that is. They shear the Golden State into ribbons and have largely crafted California's geologically diverse...

    Beautiful Spas & Hot Springs of CA

    $11.32 $5.95
    Beautiful Spas & Hot Springs of California By STANLEY YOUNG Practical travel guide and inspirational picture book that covers over twenty heavenly retreats. 144 pages Paperback

    52 Great weekend Escapes Northern California

    52 GREAT WEEKEND ESCAPES NORTHERN CALIFORNIA By RAY BANGS What do you want to do this weekend? I don't know...what do you want to do? Sound familiar? This brilliant new...

    52 Great weekend Escapes Southern California

    $9.41 $5.95
    52 GREAT WEEKEND ESCAPES SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA By RAY BANGS 2004 - A weekend in Southern California will never be the same. Swim with sharks off Rancho Palos Verdes, star gaze...


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