Tree Growing Kit - Flowering Dogwood

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Everything needed to start a dogwood tree from seed! This is a gift that will keep on giving year after year!

Tree Growing Kit - Flowering Dogwood tree
Everything needed to start a dogwood tree from seed! This is a gift that will keep on giving year after year! Choose either Cornus florida(Flowering Dogwood) or Cornus nutallii(Pacific Dogwood) - both are gorgeous and full of lovely flowers! FLOWERING DOGWOOD: Cornus florida is a beloved native throughout the Eastern United States, ranging all the way down into north-central Florida. Tolerating a variety of climates and conditions, Flowering Dogwood grows naturally in 30 states and is the State Tree of both Missouri and Virginia. The Flowering Dogwood Tree makes a marvelous addition to yard or garden, displaying nice symmetry and a rounded form that usually does not require pruning. These qualities, along with the Dogwood's attractive red berries, gorgeous fall color, and its famous spring bouquet of bright white flowers make the tree a highlight in many landscapes. Flowering Dogwoods typically reach heights of 20 to 25 feet, with crown spreads of 20 to 30 feet. Dogwoods can handle full shade, full sun, and everything in between, so they can be planted in a variety of locations for a variety of uses, from patio trees for light shade, to color sources along borders, to specimen ornamentals in lawns or ground-cover beds. Several hours of daily sun exposure is best for these lovely trees, and they also prefer deep, rich, well-drained, sandy or loam soils. Planting locations with heavy, wet soils are not recommended. PACIFIC DOGWOOD: Cornus nuttallii is known as Pacific Dogwood, Western Dogwood, and sometimes Mountain Dogwood. This lovely understory tree highlights forests in western North America, from British Columbia down into Southern California. The western cousin of Cornus florida, Pacific Dogwood gets a bit larger than Flowering Dogwood, but, otherwise, the two trees are very similar in appearance and habit, displaying many of the same beautiful characteristics – especially the Dogwood’s trademark white blooms. The National Champion Western Dogwood is a 60-foot tall tree in Oregon, but, typically, Pacific Dogwood climbs to between 25 and 40 feet tall.