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NOTE: We use packing peanuts made of starch. They are compostable and biodegradable.
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    Chocolate Almond Biscotti

    Biscotti laden with highly acclaimed Guittard Chocolate and fresh California estate grown roasted almonds create the ultimate indulgence. 8 oz. box. Biscotti are typically intended to dunk in coffee, espresso,...

    Traditional Almond Biscotti

    Fresh roasted estate grown California almonds blended with rich vanilla create classic, subtly sweet biscotti. 8 oz. box. Biscotti are typically intended to dunk in coffee, espresso, and wine. This...

    Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade Snack Box

    This Grab and Go snack box includes a 4oz. Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade paired with 0g. Trans Fat Crackers and a cute little spoon. Enjoy on picnics or as a quick snack. Sutter...

    Joy Lyn's Chocolate Crunch

    The Chocolate Crunch from Joy Lyn's Candy is out of this world!  This is a mixture of bits of peanut brittle and milk chocolate. To be honest it doesn't get better...

    Butter Toffee Almonds

    Butter toffee almonds are a classic candied almond treat that reminds many of us of grandma's house and family holidays. These delicious sweets have the perfect amount of buttery, crunchy...

    Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Light, crispy pretzels coated in a rich milk chocolate. It's hard to eat just one! From Roberts Ferry Gourmet. 8 oz. bag.

    Rancher's Mix

    Rancher's Mix is a delightful combination of tastes and textures perfect for any snacking occasion! Ranch Corn Nuts, Valley Veggie Almonds and Honey Sesame Sticks combined to create a delicious...

    Ranch Corn Nuts

    Ranch Corn Nuts are an intensely crunchy and perfectly Ranch-flavored snack! From Roberts Ferry Gourmet. 8 oz. bag.

    Caramelized Mixed Nuts

    Almonds, Cashews, Pecans coated in crunchy caramel. Yum! From Roberts Ferry Gourmet. 4 oz. bag.

    Wine Chips: Smoked Gouda

    Cheese flavored potato chips designed to pair with wine. Smoked Gouda’s smoky, sweet saltiness are a perfect match for the wine lover in all of us. These custom Smoked Gouda flavored...

    Turkey San Francisco Style Salami, 8 oz.

    To create this turkey San Francisco Style uncured salami, Foustman's use dark meat turkey combined with an old-world family spice formula. Leaner tasting then traditional salami, turkey makes a great...

    Rustic Bakery: Gingerbread Mug Topper Cookies

    Accessorize your favorite cold-weather beverage with this charming gingerbread person. Designed to perch right on the edge of a mug. Full of holiday spices, these are hand rolled and trimmed....

    Rustic Bakery: Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

    Be good for goodness sake as someone might treat you to these festive peppermint cookies. Delicately flavored with peppermint and dark chocolate to create a thin and crisp cookie. 5...

    UGLY Cherries: Dried & Diced

    Hello! I'm Ugly.  I'm filled with Ugly Cherries that are dried to perfection and diced for perfect snacking.  I'm 100% all-natural with no GMOs, preservatives or added sugar.  I'm helping local California...

    Hum Yum Caramel Sauce

    Sea salt caramel is great on Ice cream, apples, In your coffe. Eat it by the spoonful out of the jar or added to your favorite dessert. We don't judge....

    Lemon Tea Cookies (6oz)

    Awarding winning flavor. These decadent tea cookies are crafted with all natural flavor and sifted with soft powdered sugar! Great for tea time...and any time! 6 oz. box.

    Cheese Straws (2oz)

    These bite-sized Cheese Straws are baked with real cheese, and make great savory additions to any occasion! 2 oz. box.

    Primo Parmesan Sourdough Snack Bites

    Who doesn’t love Parmigiano Reggiano?  Primo Parmesan Sourdough Snack Bites uses the real deal from Italy. When paired with our artisanal authentic San Francisco sourdough morsels, it makes for an...

    Killer Garlic Sourdough Snack Bites

    For all you garlic lovers out there, these morsels are for you.  Made with authentic, organic San Francisco sourdough bread and coated in fresh, organic garlic, sea salt and olive...

    Dark Chocolate Vine-Dried Grapes

    Premium Dark Chocolate Covered & Cocoa Dusted. Vine-Dried - 100% Whole Fruit, Single Origin, Preservative Free. Life's Grape has taken their vine-dried Selma Pete grapes, drenched them in decadent dark chocolate and...

    Life's Grape Classic Vine-Dried Grapes

    100% Real Fruit, Selma Pete Vine-Dried Grape Snacks - Preservative Free. These tasty treats are made by gently sun-drying delicious Selma Pete grapes on the vine under the vine's canopy...

    3-Pak Mix & Match: Sacramento Cookie Wafers

    Do not add this product to your cart. Please visit the bundle page to edit. This is a dummy product and must not be deleted or altered. Dummy products are...

    Sweet & Salty Nuts and Seeds

    A mouthwatering medley of sweet and salty goodness, all mixed together for that crunch filled “WOW” factor you crave. Savor the flavor inside the slow oven-roasted nuts and seeds snack...

    California Gummy Bears: Gold Coast Mix

    Gummy Bears made with real fruit! Nothing comes close to the golden coast! Fall in love with this perfect mix of Tangerine, Mango & Peach in a single gift box! 4...

    Rustic Bakery Savory Cheese Coins

    Rustic Bakery uses a mix of local cheddar, parmesan and asiago cheese to create these delicious bite size coins. The finish has a kick of red pepper flakes and cayenne...

    Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread

    Light and flaky, made with extra virgin olive oil and grey sea salt. Rustic Bakery. 6 oz. box. Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Sourdough Starter (organic wheat flour, water), Organic Cane...

    UGLY Peaches

    Hello! I'm Ugly. All peaches and nothing else. 100% all-natural with no preservatives and no added sugar, I help out local California farmers reduce waste and add value back to...

    UGLY Kiwi: Dried & Diced

    Hello! I'm Ugly. 100% upcycled dried and sliced Kiwis with nothing else. That's right! No added sugar, no preservatives and all-natural, I help California farmers by reducing food waste. I'm...

    Charcuterie (Deli Delights) Gift Box

    Includes: Rustic Bakery Rosemary & Olive Oil Sourdough Flatbread Bites (4 oz. box), Sutter Buttes Tapenade Trio (three 4 oz. jars), Llano Seco Californiano Salami (4.5 oz.) and a bamboo...

    Hum Yum Chocolate Sauce

    If you love chocolate this is the perfect sauce for you. Have the richness of hot fudge without the nasty ingredients. You will want to put it on everything. EVERYTHING.Need...

    Californiano Salami (Llano Seco)

    This Mexican inspired salami adds cocoa powder to the holy trinity of Mexican chili peppers - guajillo, pasilla and ancho in a celebration of the unique flavors of the Rancho...

    Five Spice Salami (Llano Seco)

    Five Spice is a traditional blend of ingredients balancing the five basic tastes - sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Chipotle, Cinnamon, Clove, Fennel, and Ginger combine in Llano Seco's...

    Rustic Bakery - Mini Gingerbread Tile Cookies

    Indulge in these sophisticated and delicious cookie "tiles" that are hand rolled and trimmed. They are full of holiday spices and are topped with a delicate vanilla glaze that highlights...

    Rustic Bakery - Twinkles: Cinnamon Spice Cookies

    Festive star-shaped delicate, crisp, handmade butter cookies enlivened with a mix of holiday spices. 5 oz. box. Ingredients: Unbleached Enriched Wheat Flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin,...

    Wine Rayzyns: 2-Pack

    The secret is the seed. The fun is the crunch! Includes two bags. One each of: Sea Salt Caramel ChardonayZyn Wine Raisins. Tasting Notes - rich and smooth, buttery toffee and...

    Napa Cookie Co. White Wine Snaps

    The signature offering from Napa Cookie Company, the Wine Snap delivers wave after wave of intriguing flavors that mesh perfectly with wine. Each delicious Wine Snap is handmade in small batches...

    Napa Cookie Co. Red Wine Snaps

    The signature offering from Napa Cookie Company, the Wine Snap delivers wave after wave of intriguing flavors that mesh perfectly with wine. Each delicious Wine Snap is handmade in small batches...

    Bakeology Snickerdoodle Cookie Bites

    Snickerdoodles are the sweet nostalgia in grandmas cookie jar. Subtle cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and cream of tartar give this cookie a unique texture and taste. So delicious. Gluten free. 6 oz....

    Rustic Bakery - Rosemary & Olive Oil Organic Sourdough Flatbread Bites

    A crisp and vibrant rosemary-olive oil blend reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Rustic Bakery flatbreads in classic bite size are a perfect anytime treat. Enjoy these handmade, sourdough bites as crispy...

    Rustic Bakery - Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies

    Handmade with all natural ingredients, these buttery shortbread cookies are sophisticated and delicious. Classic shortbread with the perfect combination of sweet and tangy zest from fresh meyer lemon. 4 oz. box. Ingredients:...

    California Gummy Bears: Fruit Mix

    Gummy Bears made with real fruit! This incredible mixture contains 6 delicious fresh fruit flavors…all made from real fruit grown in California! Raspberry, Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, Mango & Peach....

    Dark Chocolate Covered CabernayZyn Cabernet Wine Raisins

    The secret is the seed. The fun is the crunch! Tasting Notes - A Marriage of Premium Dark Chocolate that is smooth and slightly sweet paired with decadent Blackberry, Cherry...

    Greek Yogurt MerlayZyn Merlot Wine Raisins

    The secret is the seed. The fun is the crunch! Tasting Notes - Creamy and Delicious Greek yogurt that isn’t too sweet, possessing a delicious balance of Fig, Raspberry and Merlot...

    Sea Salt Caramel ChardonayZyn Wine Raisins

    The secret is the seed. The fun is the crunch! Sea Salt Caramel CharonayZyn Superfood Snack. Tasting Notes - rich and smooth, buttery toffee and creamy caramel with just a hint...
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