Breakfast Joy

Delight your senses with the soothing aroma of coffee and the delicious taste of real fruit. Includes one 12 oz. bag of Twisted Tree coffee (Bolivia, medium roast, whole beans) and two 9.5 oz. jars of Mountain Fruit Co. jam (choose your flavors below). You can add a free gift message on the shopping cart page at checkout.
SKU: GB001

This gift box includes:

Coast Roast Coffee (Whole Bean): Premium quality, organic, shade grown, Arabica beans roasted to perfection. Your choice of three varieties:

French Roast: a three-bean blend which provides a vibrant sweet, smoky flavor in a nicely balanced cup of coffee.

Espresso: A bold blend that adds dark-roasted Guatemalan beans to the French Roast mix. The added caramelization gives a more concentrated rich flavor.

Mocha Java: Known as the world's oldest coffee blend, Mocha Java provides full-bodied flavor with a hint of fruit in a palate-pleasing coffee.

Mountain Fruit Co. Fruit Spread: With real fruit making up over 70% of the content this jam is bursting in flavor and very low in sugar. This is the jam you wish Grandma had made. Two 9.5 oz. jars included. Choose from these flavors:

Boy oh Boys (Boysenberry) 
A Red Duet (Strawberry Raspberry)
Always Apricot (Patterson Apricot) 
Oh! Berries (Pacific Blackberry) 
Raspberry Tart (Pacific Raspberry)
Berry Blue (Blueberry)
Rhubarb & Berry (Rhubarb, Strawberry) 
Southern Peach (Peach with Cinnamon) 
Strawberry Gem (Strawberry)
The Fig Galaxy (Black Mission Fig)
Sour Power (Sour Cherry, Rhubarb) 
True Rhubarb
Peaches a la cot (Spiced Apricot Peach)
Rhubarb Razz  (Rhubarb Raspberry) 

You can add a free gift message on the shopping cart page at checkout.