Marshall's Farm California Lavender Infused Honey

This honey tastes like Lavender smells - fragrant, floral, herbacious

Infused Lavender ~ This honey tastes like Lavender smells~ fragrant, floral, herbacious We grow the Lavender used in this honey on our Flying Bee Ranch. We create our lavender honey by harvesting the lavender flowers from our organic garden and then placing the flowers in a cheesecloth bag that stews in the honey for weeks. The honey absorbs the fragrance and taste of the Lavender flowers. Lavender Lovers Love this honey. Use this to enhance your culinary creations as an ingredient, a glaze or a topping. Lavender blossoms float on top of this nectar to intensify the flavor as the honey ages. The Lavender is organic.
Wildflower Honey, Raw, Uncooked, Unfiltered, Unheated, Pure, Natural, Kosher.
8oz glass jar