Mountain Fruit Company Jam - 12 jars

Low-sugar, high fruit content, great tasting…and cheaper by the case! Save $0.40 per jar when you order a full case (12 jars). Choose up to 6 flavors, two jars of each, to create your perfect mix of Mountain Fruit Company’s natural fruit spread.

SKU: MFC-case

Order one case of Mountain Fruits Company Jams and save $.40 a jar. You can choose up to 6 different flavors, 2 jars of each jam.

Mountain Fruit Jam Flavors

Boy oh Boys (Boysenberry)  - Out of Stock
A Red Duet (Strawberry Raspberry)  

Always Apricot (Patterson Apricot)  

Oh! Berries (Pacific Blackberry)   - Out of Stock

Raspberry Tart (Pacific Raspberry)  - Out of Stock

Berry Blue (Blueberry) 
Rhubarb & Berry (Rhubarb, Strawberry)  - Out of Stock
Southern Peach (Peach with Cinnamon) 
Strawberry Gem (Strawberry)  - Out of Stock
The Fig Galaxy (Black Mission Fig) 
Sour Power (Sour Cherry, Rhubarb)  - Out of Stock

True Rhubarb  - Out of Stock

Peaches a la cot (Spiced Apricot Peach) - Out of Stock
Rhubarb Razz  (Rhubarb Raspberry) - Out of Stock