White Balsamic Vinegar, 250 ml

Deep and Vibrant. A wonderful indulgence of raspberries combined with our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar will awaken your senses with its rich full-bodied flavor and vibrant aroma of fresh raspberries. 250 ml. bottle.
Light and Sweet. This White Balsamic Vinegar is deliciously sweet, fruity, mildly acidic and beautifully balanced. Sweet, white Trebbiano grape pressings are simmered for hours at a low temperature to avoid any darkening until they have become thick. From Sutter Buttes. 250 ml. bottle.

Serving Suggestions: Use as a dip for fresh artisan breads or drizzle over steamed vegetables and stir-fry dishes. Use as a glaze or a marinade for meats, poultry, sautéing or grilling fresh vegetables and steak.

Pairing Recommendations: Sutter Buttes Fresh Basil Olive Oil