How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Made in California ships by USPS Priority, UPS and FEDEX ground. Delivery time is 1-8 days depending on delivery location. Most orders are received in 3-6 business days. Allow more time for Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. Shipping time does not include the day the order was placed or weekends and holidays. Please add extra time during the Christmas season and other observed holidays.

Are all of your products really made in California?

We make an effort to ensure that our products follow the guidelines set forth in California government Code section 12098.10 et seq stating that products be “substantially made” in California. "Substantially made" means completing an act that adds at least 51 percent of a final product’s wholesale value by manufacture assembly, fabrication, or production to create a final, recognizable product. This does not include the act of packaging a product.

Under special circumstances, our commitment to support Pride Industries and California State Parks, for example, a few products may be sold that are made outside California. These products are listed as imported in the product description.

Why can't I add items to my shopping cart?

When this happen, our experience is that your cookies may not be enabled. To use our site, your web browser must be set to accept cookies. To set your browser to accept cookies, look under "Preferences" or "Options" in your browser. We have also experienced incidents where your employer's firewall may be blocking our cookies.

Why do we require Cookies?

When you add items to your cart, that cart is given an identifying number that allows our system to remember which items are in it. Without the cookie, items would disappear from your shopping cart as soon as you clicked to a different page. Cookies help make the shopping experience quick, efficient and easy. Cookies are enabled by default in most browsers, and if you've disabled your cookies you may have problems ordering from most online retailers. While some companies have used cookies to track user buying history, personal information and the like, Madein California uses cookies to ease the purchasing process.

Do you guarantee the quality of your products?

Made in California products are made of the highest quality. If you aren't satisfied, just call our customer service department within 7 days of receiving your order and we will work with you to try to resolve the issue.

Do I have to have an account in order to browse the website?

No. You can browse our entire site without entering any personal information. Purchases can be made without an account, but will require that you provide us with billing and shipping information. Be assured that we will NOT sell, rent or give away any of your personal information, including your email address.

What if I want to ship to another individual or address?

It is simple! During the checkout process you will be asked both the “Bill To” address (yourself) and the “Ship To” address (recipient).

What if my package is a gift?

If you are using the Build a Box feature, there is a place for a gift message to be added. For other types of orders, during the checkout process please go to the "View Cart" page. On the lower left of the page is a box where you can type your gift message and other special instructions. A gift card will be prepared and included when your order is shipped. Use the "ship to" area in the checkout process to give us the proper shipping address.

May I place my orders by phone or email?

You can place your orders by phone at 916-351-1495 or email to Payment will be handled through an emailed invoice which will have a link to pay by credit card online. Orders will be shipped after payment is made.

Why do you need my phone number and email address?

We only use your phone number if we need to contact you about your order. We are also required to supply a phone number to FedEx in the event the delivery driver cannot find your address they may call you. We use your email address to send you a receipt of your order and tracking information. We do not sell, rent or give away any of your personal information.

How quickly should I expect a response to my online order?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. Most e-mail receipts are received within a few minutes. If you do not immediately receive your receipt, please allow up to an hour for it to be delivered before contacting us. If you have not received your receipt, please also check your SPAM or JUNK mail folders, as it may have been automatically stopped and moved into your SPAM or JUNK Mail folder instead of being sent to your Inbox. You can add to your safe mail list to avoid your receipts being marked as SPAM. We also use to communicate with our customers.

How soon after I place my order can I expect it to be shipped?

Made in California makes every effort to ship orders the first working day after the order is received. If an order is received by 12 noon PST, M-F most orders will be shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed Friday afternoon will ship on the following Monday. If your order is going to be delayed more that 3 business days, we will email you.

At times we take a vacation and put shipping on hold. During those rare times we will post the dates when shipping will resume. The order receipt will also have information on when shipping will resume.

Can't find the info you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at