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NOTE: We use packing peanuts made of starch. They are compostable and biodegradable.
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    California State Souvenir Kitchen Towel - Red

    $5.00 $3.99
    Red and White Kitchen California State Souvenir Kitchen TowelGreat reproduction of a 1950' s original design - 22" square and made of 100% cotton flour sack. Imported from NY.

    Wild Flower Grow kit

    $7.99 $3.99
    This wildflower mix is 100% pure seed, and contains approximately two ounces of seed from sixteen different species of gorgeous wildflowers - enough for planting an area of approximately 300...

    Tree Growing Kit - Giant Sequoia

    $7.99 $3.99
    Tree Growing Kit - Giant SequoiaThis grow kit gives you everything you need to germinate and grow the world's largest living thing! Giant Sequoias are native to the Sierra Nevada...

    California State Tapestry Pillow

    California State Tapestry Pillow California State Pillow features a variety of elements from the state including state outline, bird, flower, motto or nickname, landmarks, and recognizable features that make that...

    California State Parks Baseball Caps

    California State Parks Baseball Caps A great sun guard for any outdoor activity, this embroidered cotton baseball hat with our official California State Parks logo. It also has adjustable cotton...

    Tree Growing Kit - Flowering Dogwood

    $7.99 $3.99
    Tree Growing Kit - Flowering Dogwood tree Everything needed to start a dogwood tree from seed! This is a gift that will keep on giving year after year! Choose either...

    Grow Kit - California Poppy

    $6.75 $3.75
    Poppy grow kit - California Poppy ABOUT CALIFORNIA POPPIES: The California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica, graces many a sun-drenched meadow throughout California and the Southwest with its brilliant orange, saucer-shaped flowers....

    Jurassic Tree - Dawn Redwood Grow Kit

    $7.99 $3.99
    Grow a living fossil – a prehistoric tree! This fanciful grow kit with its enchanting dinosaur-themed packaging brings a smile as well as everything needed to germinate a tree that...

    Necklace with California Gold Vial

    $3.50 $2.99
    Necklace with California Gold vial This is a gold plated chain with a small plastic vial filled with gold from the American River in Coloma, California.

    California Blue Market Tote, 14" x 16"

    A more compact version of the 21" California blue tote. Printed on both sides. 100% cotton. 14" x 16". Reinforced shoulder-length straps.

    Handmade Glass & Brass Bottle Stopper

    $9.00 $5.99
    Far West Handcrafts Limited Edition Glass and Brass Stoppers. Hand Crafted on the North coast of California. These Stoppers fit all kinds of bottles, decanters and serving cruets. Use it...

    Grow Kit - Venus Fly Trap

    $7.99 $3.99
    Grow Kit - Venus Fly Trap The coolest and best Venus Fly Trap kits in the world! These kits will capture the imagination and tickle the funybone! They give you...

    Tree Growing Kit - Red Maple

    $7.99 $3.99
    Tree Growing Kit - Red Maple Growing a tree from seed is a magical and fascinating experience for people of all ages. Our seed germination kits give you everything you...

    Grow kit - Giant Sunflower

    $7.99 $3.99
    Sunflower grow kit - Giant Sunflower Sunflowers are delightful and versatile. They grow quickly and give a brilliant splash of color in a remarkably short time. Few things evoke the...

    California Souvenir Apron - Red

    $9.00 $5.99
    California Souvenir Apron - Red From Red and White Kitchen's line of souvenir aprons, their California red towel and tablecloth design becomes a handy hostess apron with extra long sashes....


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