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NOTE: We use packing peanuts made of starch. They are compostable and biodegradable.
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    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Onion & Dill Dip

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - ONION & DILL DIP A great combination of flavors that will please all dill lovers. Try this with butter to make a spread for bagels and...

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Spicy Crab Dip

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - SPICY CRAB DIP Mix content of the bag with 16oz of sour cream or yogurt. Chill for 2-3 hours. Use with cream cheese as a spread...

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Cheesy Garlic Dip

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - CHEESY GARLIC DIP This is a very pungent garlic dip containing Cheddar and Parmesan cheese. A dip that will please all garlic lovers. Garlic, maltodextrin, Parmesan...

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Garlic Habanero Dip

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - GARLIC HABANERO DIP A great combination of garlic and habanero peppers for a hot dip for chips, veggies, and bread. Also add to your favorite guacamole...

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Spinach Dip

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - SPINACH DIP A quick and easy version of the traditional spinach dip. Serve with sourdough or French bread. Dehydrated onion, salt, dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated garlic. 1...

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Smokey Bacon Dip

    Primos Gourmet Foods - SMOKY BACON DIP Would you believe this is a vegetarian dip?! Try it as a baked potato topping or a spread for crackers. Texturized vegetable protein,...

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - Garlic & Herb Dip

    Primo's Gourmet Foods - GARLIC & HERB DIP This dip has a very light garlic flavor to which we have added special herbs and spices. This is a wonderful dip...


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