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NOTE: We use packing peanuts made of starch. They are compostable and biodegradable.
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    Torn Ranch Chocolate Blueberries

    $9.00 $5.00
    Blueberries drenched in dark chocolate for a delicious and natural indulgence. 6 oz. bag.

    Tomato Jerky, Hickory Smoked

    $5.99 $5.49
    All the healthy goodness of a tomato, all the big flavor of jerky, so, go ahead and dive right in! It's ridiculously delicious. One is not enough! Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten...

    California State Souvenir Kitchen Towel - Red

    $5.00 $3.99
    Red and White Kitchen California State Souvenir Kitchen TowelGreat reproduction of a 1950' s original design - 22" square and made of 100% cotton flour sack. Imported from NY.

    Moon Shine Trading Co.California Orange Blossom Honey

    $9.99 $7.99
    The flowery taste and bouquet of Orange Blossom Honey will transport you right into the center of a citrus grove. 9oz. (256g) jar (Kosher)

    Moon Shine Trading Co.California Golden Honey Bear

    $5.99 $4.75
    This bear is filled to the brim with California's totally natural Golden honey. 8oz plastic bear

    Apple Cider + Toasted Almonds Caramels

    $6.45 $3.85
    Good Food Award. SOFI Award. Little Apple Treats' award winning caramel recipe includes toasted almonds and the perfect amount of cinnamon with lots of vanilla. The perfect buttery, sweet caramel made...

    Moon Shine Trading Co. Honeycomb - California Wildflower Honey

    $13.99 $11.00
    Honeycomb - California Wildflower. Honey bees gather nector from the abundant wildflowers growing throughtout California. Moon Shine Trading company brings you this Gourmet Honey Collection that is honey exactly as...

    Wild Flower Grow kit

    $7.99 $3.99
    This wildflower mix is 100% pure seed, and contains approximately two ounces of seed from sixteen different species of gorgeous wildflowers - enough for planting an area of approximately 300...

    Twisted Tree Dark Forest Blend Coffee

    $14.99 $12.75
    When you purchase this bag of coffee know that you are part of the mission to empower women in the international coffee community. They are working to achieve sustainable lives...

    Twisted Tree Bolivia Coffee

    $14.99 $12.75
    As part of the Café Femenino program, this coffee empowers them the credit they deserve, and the voice they need, to stand up for themselves, their families, and their...

    Moon Shine Trading Co.California Cherry Honey Spread

    $11.99 $9.59
    California Cherry Honey Spread combines dried tart Montmorency cherries with honey. This is a terrific blend that really showcases the pure cherry flavor. 9oz. (256g) jar (Kosher Parve) Use Honey...

    Tree Growing Kit - Giant Sequoia

    $7.99 $3.99
    Tree Growing Kit - Giant SequoiaThis grow kit gives you everything you need to germinate and grow the world's largest living thing! Giant Sequoias are native to the Sierra Nevada...

    Apple Cider with Rose Petals + Cocoa Nibs Caramels

    $6.45 $3.85
    Little Apple Treats pack these award-winning caramels with rich cocoa nibs, then sprinkle them with dried heirloom rose petals from our organic garden. These flavors combined with our classic buttery apple...

    Tomato Jerky, Teriyaki & Cracked Pepper

    $5.99 $5.49
    All the healthy goodness of a tomato, all the big flavor of jerky, so, go ahead and dive right in! It's ridiculously delicious. One is not enough! Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten...

    The Garlic Survival Company - Garlic Lemon Marinade

    $6.99 $3.50
    The Garlic Survival Company Garlic Lemon Marinade A garlic lemon taste sensation! The superb flavor of fresh roasted garlic and a hint of lemon marry beautifully in the creation of...


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