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Starch packing peanuts used for shipping are biodegradable and can be composted.
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    Torn Ranch Pome Frais Orange (6 count)

    $7.45 $5.00
    Derived from the old French for "fresh fruit", Torn Ranch Pomme Frais treats are made from all natural orange juice to create the purest fruit gel. Sanded in a light sugar....

    Torn Ranch Pome Frais Lemon (6 count)

    $7.45 $5.00
    Derived from the old French for "fresh fruit", Torn Ranch Pomme Frais treats are made from all natural lemon juice to create the purest fruit sweet. Sanded in a light...

    Maisie Jane's Dark Chocolate Almonds

    $3.20 $2.00
    Attention all you dark chocolate lovers! You will quickly fall in love with these rich creamy Dark Chocolate Almonds. Only superior dark chocolate is used to coat these fresh, lightly...

    The Garlic Survival Company - Garlic Lemon Marinade

    $6.99 $3.50
    The Garlic Survival Company Garlic Lemon Marinade A garlic lemon taste sensation! The superb flavor of fresh roasted garlic and a hint of lemon marry beautifully in the creation of...

    Maisie Jane's Chocolate Cherries

    $6.05 $4.25
    Yes that’s right, two of life’s sweetest treats, chocolate and cherries together in one amazing confection. Nature’s sweet cherries are dried and then drenched in rich milk chocolate. You’re in...

    Torn Ranch Chocolate Blueberries

    $9.00 $6.00
    Blueberries drenched in dark chocolate for a delicious and natural indulgence. 6 oz. bag.

    Garlic Festival Roasted Garlic Olive Oil - 8.5 oz. (250ml)

    $12.99 $9.75
    Our pure olive oil is infused with fresh garlic for a quick and easy burst of flavor for cooking. This aromatic oil is perfect for: - Sprinkle over most anything,...

    California State Souvenir Kitchen Towel - Red

    $5.00 $3.99
    Red and White Kitchen California State Souvenir Kitchen TowelGreat reproduction of a 1950' s original design - 22" square and made of 100% cotton flour sack. Imported from NY.

    Necklace with California Gold Vial

    $3.50 $2.99
    Necklace with California Gold vial This is a gold plated chain with a small plastic vial filled with gold from the American River in Coloma, California.

    Maisie Jane's Chocolate Delights

    $15.75 $11.00
    For the chocolate lovers! This round is filled with Dark Chocolate, Truffle, Chocolate Toffee and Cappuccino Almonds. 14 oz.

    LA Times Modern California Cookbook

    $12.98 $5.95
    Modern California Cookbook Recipes for modern cooking in California from the Los Angeles Times.

    Sacramento Excursions into its History and Natural World

    $5.00 $3.95
    Sacramento Excursions into its History and Natural World by William M HoldenSacramento is one of California's most historic and interesting cities. This guidebook will tell you which of its historical...

    Wine Tasting Joy

    $34.99 $24.99
    Sacramento Cookie Factory Wine Wafers: Traditionally know as oplatky, these crisp, light wafers are lovingly hand made then baked, aged twelve days, carefully filled with all natural filling and baked...

    Chocolate Fruits & Nuts Gift Box

    $19.99 $13.99
    Maisie Jane's Chocolate Cherries (MJ-0132, 4 oz. bag) and Dark Chocolate Almonds (MJ-0208, 1.7 oz bag) combined with blueberries drenched in dark chocolate from Torn Ranch (TRS382, 6 oz. bag)...

    Tree Growing Kit - Giant Sequoia

    $7.99 $3.99
    Tree Growing Kit - Giant SequoiaThis grow kit gives you everything you need to germinate and grow the world's largest living thing! Giant Sequoias are native to the Sierra Nevada...


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